GPPA Committees


2017 Committee Officials
To contact any of these Committee Officials, please send an e-mail to
the address on the Contact Us page and tell us who you want to reach.

   Chairperson Rosemary Bathurst
   Vice-Chairperson Sara Henderson

Mailing List
   Chairperson Paula White

Publicity and Social Media
   Co-Chairperson Dorothy Dowell
   Co-Chairperson Kate Mason

"The Inspired Gardener" Symposium
   Co-Chairperson Paula White
   Co-Chairperson Rosemary Bathurst

Silent Auction
   Chairperson Dorothy Dowell

Website Liaison
   Chairperson Paula White

Weekend Workshops
   Chairperson Karla Tievsky

Perennial Notes
   Co-Editor Daria Jones
   Co-Editor Hilary Wilson
   Copy Editor Louise Franklin
   Advertising Manager Sandra Sandefur

   Chairperson Marlysa Raye-Jacobus