Clematis Resources

These are the recommendations of Past GPPA President Lyndy Broder



An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Clematis
Mary Toomey and Everett Leeds,
Timber Press, 2001, ISBN 0-88192-508-X

Companions to Clematis
Marigold Badcock,
GMC Publications LTD, 2000, ISBN 1-86108-151-0

Gardening With Clematis
Linda Beutler,
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The Genus Clematis
Magnus Johnson,
Magnus Johnsons Planskola AB and Bengt Sundstrom, 2001,
ISBN 91-631-1030-X (scholarly reference)


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Top Ten Clematis in 2003 for Extended Bloom in Georgia




Bloom Time


C.'Arabella' integrifolia blue-mauve April-Sept use trailing on ground
C.'Baltyk' early large purplish violet April-July climber 7-9 feet
C.'Betty Corning' early large pale blue May-August climber 8-10 feet
C.'Duchess of Albany' texensis bright pink April - Oct climber 8-10 feet
C.'Etoile Violette' viticella dark purple April-Oct climber 10-13 feet
C.'Henryi' early large white,dark anthers April-July climber 10-12 feet
C.'Pangbourne Pink' integrifolia deep pink June-Sept 2 feet
C.'Princess Diana' texensis luminous pink May-Sept climber 6-8 feet
C.'Triternata Rubromarginata' viticella white with pink tips May-Aug climber 10-13 feet, fragrant
C.'Venosa Violacea' viticella white with purple veining May-Oct climber 8-10 feet