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Special Events

Annual GPPA Garden Tour 2012

Presented by
The Board and Members of
The Georgia Perennial Plant Association

See beautiful gardens from Grant Park to Virginia Highlands, Brookhaven to Buckhead!

All Gardens Open
Saturday, May 5 - 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sunday, May 6 - 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Rain or Shine

Ticket Cost: $20 (Tour is free with a 2012 GPPA Membership)

Please click here for more information on membership
in the Georgia Perennial Plant Association.

MAP! Click here for a detailed map to each of the tour gardens. MAP!

Tickets will be available in advance at the local merchants listed below. Tickets will also be available at each of the gardens on the days of the tour.

You may now also buy tickets online using either a credit card or your PayPal account. (There is a $1 convenience fee for each ticket purchased online.)

Select the number of tickets you would like to purchase online and click "Add to Cart". You will be taken to PayPal to complete the transaction and then returned to the GPPA website.

2012 GPPA Garden Tour Tickets

Please print your receipt and bring it to the first garden you visit, where you will receive your ticket(s) for the rest of the tour.


A special thanks to these 2012 GPPA Garden Tour Sponsors!

2012 Tour tickets will be available soon at the sponsor locations noted below.

Ashe-Simpson Garden Center
4961 Peachtree Ind. Blvd. ~ Chamblee

(Ticket Location)

Buck Jones Nursery
7470 Hickory Flat Rd ~ Woodstock

(Ticket Location)

347 Boulevard SE ~ Atlanta

(Ticket Location)

Glade Spring Nursery
217 Arthur Smith Rd ~ Jackson
(Wholesale to the trade only. Glade Spring plants
are available at Garden*Hood, Ashe-Simpson,
Habersham, and other local nurseries.)

Habersham Gardens
2067 Manchester St. ~ Atlanta

(Ticket Location)

The Schmieta Family

Present your tour ticket at any of these sponsoring businesses, for a 10% discount off your purchase:

  • Ashe-Simpson Garden Center (April 29 through May 12)

  • Buck Jones Nursery (April 29 through May 12)

  • Garden*Hood (April 29 to May 12)

  • Habersham Gardens (April 29 through May 6)

Some restrictions may apply, and vary by business.

Tickets will also be available at each of the gardens so you can simply
come to any of the gardens on the days of the tour and purchase your tickets!



- GARDEN 1 -

645 Berne St, Atlanta 30312

Click any thumbnail image to view larger versions.

These homeowners are relatively new to the Grant Park neighborhood and were fortunate to inherit a beautiful, well-established garden framework. Over the last year they have added their own unique touches. Vibrant colorful annual flowers are added to containers to attract more butterflies while a birdbath has been placed in a nearby perennial bed. A unique, handmade fence was built for the front garden to match the pre-existing gate. Throughout the front and back gardens a mix of colors and textures add punch to established groundcovers. Fig trees, hydrangeas, camellias, and gardenias are found throughout this city garden, along with several espaliered fruit trees. The feeling experienced by the visitor is of a quaint and comfortable English cottage garden.

- GARDEN 2 -

569 Cherokee Rd, Atlanta 30312

Click any thumbnail image to view larger versions.

The 1906 Edwardian house and surrounding features were familiar to Father Austin Ford when he purchased the property 15 years ago, since he had been a frequent guest of the previous owners. After becoming the home’s new owner, Fr. Ford couldn’t wait to begin developing an appropriate garden for such a special home. Fifteen years later his garden is a stunning collection of unusual and rare plants with new sights and fragrances around each corner. One area reveals a delightful fountain surrounded by tulips and several very unique plants--a Tea Camellia, Fatshederas and special Mahonia cultivars share the space with a Cherokee Rose which Fr. Ford says “will take down your house if you let it”. Be sure to see the hybrid “experiment” which is a cross between a grapefruit and Poncirus trifoliate “Flying Dragon.” An incredible cluster of Daphne odora has found the perfect spot next to a statue of King Isaiah, handmade for the owner by a close friend. The collection of unique weeping Camellias, the white oak estimated to be at least 200 years old, and architectural relics from Fr. Ford’s childhood home make this a garden not to be missed!

- GARDEN 3 -

768 Elkmont Dr. NE, Atlanta 30306

Click any thumbnail image to view larger versions.

This garden sits on a very steep slope with several terraces revealing many surprises for a city garden. The owner installed a more formal front garden to complement the Tudor Cottage House, while a shade garden on the sides and back highlight foliage and textures, creating a lush layered feeling. David Ellis was consulted to help create the feeling of the different “rooms.” The owner loves Japanese Maples, boxwoods, Camellias, hydrangeas, and, of course, the natural moss that thrives in the garden. He enjoys the sound of the fountain outside his master bedroom, while the corner location of this exquisite space allows for neighborly chats with walkers and others passing by while he works in the garden.

(Note: This garden has many steps as it is situated on a steep incline.)

- GARDEN 4 -

 771 Virginia Circle, Atlanta 30306

Click any thumbnail image to view larger versions.

As only the third homeowners of this 1928 bungalow, much was to be done when Rob and Jim moved into their Virginia Highland home. The back garden was nothing more than a graveled parking pad that the owners removed and began their adventure of creating their backyard oasis. They installed a privacy fence and built a brick courtyard. Ed Castro designed and installed the front garden beds and the majority of the rear garden. After installing a large entertaining deck, the owners hired Paula Refi to redesign the back yard to accommodate the growing shade. The homeowners love the interplay of texture in their back garden, especially the use of cardoon, farfugium, fatsia, arum, asarum, and a variety of ferns. As avid gardeners, their delightful garden is relaxing and entertaining.

- GARDEN 5 -

2868 Habersham Rd, Atlanta 30305

Click any thumbnail image to view larger versions.

The back garden of this impressive property began in the 1930s with the construction of rock walls followed by the planting of boxwoods. When the present homeowners moved in (after living in England for 12 years), they hired landscape architect Graham Pittman to help articulate their vision of the garden. Walt Harrison of Habersham Gardens was hired to revive their “tired boxwood garden” and took over the selection and installation of plants. The owners' goal was to renovate the wonderful structure of existing garden “rooms” rather than start all over. They have worked with Walt over the years, ensuring the garden continually evolves and the beauty becomes established. The owners added a pavilion and steps, changed the design of the lower garden with stepping stones, and added autumn cherry trees, additional boxwoods, and a variety of other plants. The evolution of this relaxing and serene garden now reflects its natural history and also the personality of the owners.

- GARDEN 6 -

17 Demorest Ave, Atlanta 30305

(Note: This garden closes at 2pm on Sunday.)

Click any thumbnail image to view larger versions.

The owners' family needed an updated outdoor living space that addressed a challenging hill sloping down quickly toward the back of the house. They hired Gardens to Love by Marcia Weber to guide them through the process. The old outdoor fireplace was too short and was rebuilt taller to correct a draft problem. A second retaining wall was incorporated over the original one, affording the opportunity to introduce a variety of shade plants. Some of these wonderful plants include Lonicera ‘Edmee Gold’, Hydrangea ‘Endless Summer’, prostrate Japanese yew, Boxwood ‘Wintergreen’ and a Saucer Magnolia. A Zion zoysia lawn was installed to accommodate the expanded shade area. Now the owners relax in their new outdoor living space that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

(Note: This garden closes at 2pm on Sunday.)

- GARDEN 7 -

978 Winall Down Road, Atlanta 30319-1142

Click any thumbnail image to view larger versions.

The mature Japanese maples, crape myrtles and camellias in this garden are a testament to the owners' long-standing commitment to their garden. From a front porch perfectly sized for two, they look over an expanse of green lawn anchored by a hedge of Camellia sasanqua which provides the backdrop for a collection of shade perennials. Closer to the house, ferns, boxwoods and hellebores combine to provide year round visual interest. Reached through a side gate, the terrace is surrounded by a large trellis of planters filled with autumn ferns, Japanese painted ferns and rosemary. From there, the visitor walks up to an expansive back porch bordered by a sarcoccoca hedge and gardenias. In the back area an assortment of hydrangeas and native azaleas combine with heuchera and iris to provide the primary visual interest.

- GARDEN 8 -

4410 Ashwoody Trail NE, Atlanta 30319

Click any thumbnail image to view larger versions.

“Hillside Hideaway” is what these owners affectionately call their garden. Eleven years ago the homeowners questioned whether anything would grow in the clay and sandstone. A daunting steep incline eroded every time it rained. The owners dreamed of an outdoor entertaining space and a light-filled garden that would attract birds and butterflies. After drought took out many of the old oaks, they hired drainage experts to address the erosion by contouring the backyard to aid in water runoff. They then installed stonework, retaining walls, and an upper patio with a fireplace. The owners installed stepping stone boulders and a dynamic water feature with a frog inviting you to tea. They took classes, devoured books, and learned from their mistakes as they started planting. After ten years their dream is a reality. The established garden now shows off a variety of their favorite plants as one steps from room to room. Each plant complements the next, inviting visitors to wander about or take a seat in a rocking chair, watching the birds and butterflies as the world drifts by.

(Note: This garden has steep steps and inclines.)

- GARDEN 9 -

3590 Paces Valley Rd, Atlanta 30307

Click any thumbnail image to view larger versions.

This owner's creativity is evident throughout the garden. The sun garden in front reflects both love of symmetry and delight in a profusion of shapes and colors. Defined by a brick retaining wall, a Lutyens bench, brick pavers and a small patch of grass and separated from the street by a bank of white azaleas, the perennial garden in front is a mixture of perennials—among them roses, irises daylilies and peonies, even lavender. Its location—on a downward slope below street level—not only contributes to a sense of seclusion, but uses the contours of the land as a primary source of water. The back garden looks out over a big leaf magnolia, trilliums, native azaleas, and other woodland plants scattered throughout the adjoining woods.

(Note: This garden has steep walkways through a wooded area.)