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 Perennial Notes Excerpts

(This list is provided as a complement to the article noted below which appears in the Summer 2001 issue of Perennial Notes. It is provided here as a reference for our members. For the full text of Carleen and Sam's article, see your printed copy of Perennial Notes.)

Conifers Complement Perennials
By Carleen A. Jones and Samuel B. Jones, Jr.

We recommend the following dwarf conifers that have proven successful at Piccadilly Farm. They may be observed in our garden during the times when we are open to the public. Unless otherwise noted, they should be planted in full sun. Dimensions represent the likely size in 10 years (width x height), depending on growing conditions.


  • ‘Drupacea': 1.5' x 4', dark green, for shade


  • ‘Crippsii': 4' x 5', gold, loose, informal texture
  • ‘Gold Fern Spray': 3'm X 6', gold, dense foliage
  • ‘Golden Mop': 3' x 5', gold threadleaf, conical, very light shade
  • ‘Green Fern Spray': 3' x 6', dark green, dense foliage, sun or very light shade
  • ‘Nana Gracilis': 1.5' x 2', very slow growing, light green foliage
  • ‘Squarrosa Lutea': 4' x 6', light gold, needs a bit of shade


  • 'Globosa': 3' x 4', globose in shape, light green, thin shade
  • 'Gyoku Ryu': 3' x 4', conical, dark green, light shade


  • 'Berkshire': 2' x 1.5', slow growing, stiffly upright, very popular
  • 'Blue Alps': 3' x 5', nice blue color, upright
  • 'Blue Star': 2' x 2', good blue, slow growing
  • 'Daub's Frosted': 4' x 1.5', spreading habit, frosted with gold.


  • 'DeGroot's Spire': 1.5' x 5', narrowly upright with nice green foliage
  • 'Hetz Midget': 3' x 2.5', dark green, dense foliage, slow growing
  • 'Pumila Sudsworth': 4' x 6', formal gold
  • 'Reingold': 3' x 2.5', orange-gold, changing color with seasons, relatively slow

Piccadilly Farm in Bishop, Georgia, is hosting a Conifer Weekend, Friday and Saturday, October 5 and 6. Guided tours of the display garden will be held between 11:00 a..m. and 2:00 p.m. each day. Call 706-6516 for directions.

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