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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Note from GPPA President Dorothy Dowell

We need YOU. I hope you will consider volunteering with GPPA, because it’s fun to volunteer with others who share your love of gardening, it’s fun to get to know each other better, and we always need volunteers! You cannot imagine what the rewards will be or how they will benefit you. There are several volunteer opportunities open now, including:

 The Inspired Gardener Symposium - We need volunteers in various capacities: helping with the silent auction (contacting prospective donors, picking up items, setting up the auction the day before, and distributing items after the auction); and helping with registration and in other capacities on the day of the symposium.

If you have a retail background - Once or twice a year we have situations (like the cashiering portion of the silent auction or “Perennial Days”) when your skills would be particularly helpful.

Helping at meetings - We need a few volunteers to serve refreshments at meetings. This involves picking up some drinks beforehand (you’ll be reimbursed) and getting to the meeting a little early to set up the table.

If numbers are your thing - Alice DeSantis, our treasurer, can probably use your help on one-time projects as they come up.

Obviously, we sometimes have situations that require folks sitting around a table and stuffing a few hundred envelopes with a group of others, which again are “one shot” events.

Atlanta History Center Gardening Team - This group, led by Past President Anne Sheldon and AHC Horticulturist Sarah Roberts, meets on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. The winter hours are 9 am until noon. Volunteers should wear gardening clothes, bring their own gardening gloves, knee pads and, if you wish, hand pruners.

The GPPA team works in the garden at the historic Tullie-Smith Farm House and in the Quarry garden. Our duties include weeding, pruning, deadheading and sharing of gardening knowledge, both native and non-native. This is always educational and fun, and our volunteer work there enables us to pay less rent for our meetings.

We encourage you to join us, whether on a regular basis or just when you are able. Any new volunteers should contact Valerie VanSweden,, before joining or for more information.

If you’d like to volunteer in some capacity, please contact me at or 770-439-7112. Thanks!


A Few of the Many GPPA Volunteers in Action