About Us - President's Message



Welcome to the Georgia Perennial Plant Association. If you love plants and gardening, you have come to the right place. On the website, you will see details of our upcoming meetings and events and find lots of helpful information.


GPPA was created over thirty years ago by a group of passionate plant people and garden designers to promote the use of perennials in the garden through the "use of symposia, lectures, workshops and related activities..."


However, as one of our speakers, Jamie Blackburn, said:


As much as we all love chocolate, one can't live on chocolate alone. And as much as we all love those endless borders of herbaceous perennials, their effect is even more dramatic and beautiful when combined with a structural base of ornamental shrubs and plants with year round interest.


With emphasis on perennials, but including annuals, tropical, shrubs and trees too, we hope to keep you informed about the broad, important and evolving world of horticulture.


I am honored to serve you as president of the Georgia Perennial Plant Association. 


Whether you are a beginner gardener or someone who has lots of experience, I would love to hear from you. To help us plan future talks and events, I would like to know what your specific interests are. Would you like help planning your garden? Do you need to know what plants grow best in dry shade? 


Contact Me.


Kind regards,


Patrick Ardiff