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12/14/2021 12:40 pm

EZ Digger / Homi



This Korean hand tool works as trowel and cultivator in one.  Because it works by pulling, not pushing, it is great for those with hand strength challenges.


The sharp edge of this tool cuts through all kinds of soil.  The sharp tip slips easily under and around obstacles like rocks and pebbles.  The tip can even slip between tree roots for shallow planting too.


It may look a little ferocious, but there's nothing easier to use to make quick holes perfect for planting those young perennials.  A piece of colorful duct tape wrapped around the handle is a great way to help you find where you left it, because it will be in constant use.


It is generally available at Ace Hardware, Amazon, and often dirt cheaply (snort) at the Duluth H Mart ($4-5).