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Leonitis leonurus

12/18/2021 3:32 pm

Leonitis leonurus

(Lion's tail)



It gave me one good year, the year I bought it.  Now it taunts me . . .  I saw this growing at Plant Delights in full sun. I don't have wide open sun like that, for one.  But I was visiting my sister in Davis, California the next spring and Annie's Annuals isn't far so I plopped down $8 for my quart and flew home with it (and 20 other new friends).  


It had great bloom that year, a carnival of muted orange fun growing upright and tall.  

That was it, sort of.  It didn't die. (Zone 8b is what Annie's says now, maybe not then.) It did me worse.  It is a perennial that doesn't set bloom until so late that it rarely blooms at all before it gets frost blasted.  


I should move it soon.  There, I said it aloud.  I will do it.  Will the results be different?  I have my doubts.  


Has anyone succeeded with this in the metro Atlanta area?  If so, share the conditions it is in.


 -  Liane