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Plant Tags & Labels

1/9/2022 10:39 am



Plant Labels & Tags


I've been hooked on Paw Paw Everlast labels for nearly two decades.  It is typical for the label to outlast the plant and many have been re-used to hide the evidence of plant murder.  I've even snipped the pin portions shorter with cutting pliers to adjust the height to the shallow ground of the rockery or to be more subtle in a container.


While you can opt for a paint pen, china marker or other permanent writing instrument with these labels, I use mine in conjunction with an inexpensive Brother P-touch Label Maker and outdoor tape cartridges.  The outdoor tape lasts for years.  It is available with black print on a clear background which looks subtle, as well as more vivid color combinations of dubious garden merit.  - Liane Schleifer